Saturday, October 27, 2007
Oh yeah, and my Sep. 1 post on Gene Wolfe... the tricky bastard. In the fourth volume of the series, he reveals that Palaemon is nearly blind and needs glasses to see (let alone read) anything.
So, what's been up?


Work continues. For the last few weeks I've been full-time, which has left me surprisingly stressed and cocoon-y. I also haven't gotten any work done on my Personal Statement.

Most PS work had been done at the delightful Murky Coffee in Eastern Market. For reasons best left unsaid I'm not going there anymore. My free time spent drinking coffee has been at home or at Big Bear Cafe. BB is closer, and they serve Counter Culture's La Forza espresso. Initially that was to its disadvantage, but CCC's Toscano blend has been a bit iffy of late, a bit temperamental. In short, not as good. Meanwhile, the La Forza's gotten surprisingly better. And I get plenty of Toscano for free at work. So that's my official reason for switching, and you can't get me to say otherwise without resorting to waterboarding.

Gestures finally had practice Thursday night. We have a show in two weeks.

I've gained the conviction that Dalwhinnie is my favorite single malt. Said conviction may or may not be due to the fact that I currently happen to be in possession of a bottle. Once the bottle is finished, I will be able to say with more certainty. What an onerous task I have ahead of me...

Taking a bit of a break from Gene Wolfe, reading Henry James instead. The promise was Thomas Hardy, but the gift was Henry James.


Still enjoying Blogariddims.

I'm still a crazy person. Therapy is kind of chasing its tail lately. Cognitive distortions are seizing hold and making me miserable. The enormity of it all. The lack of reason for any hope. The consequent uselessness of trying. Through it all I maintain my self-mocking ironic distance, the only shred of sanity, the anchor keeping me down, my blessing and curse...

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