Sunday, July 08, 2007

Been drinking Counter Culture's Dolok Sanggul Sumatra Lintong (the spell checker just had an aneurysm) for the last week or so. Sumatran Mandheling used to be my favorite coffee, back before I'd ever heard of single origin or third wave, back before I learned to look down my nose at the bitter watery stuff so many shops dare call espresso, before I ever tasted Ethiopian or Kenyan or Rwandan... I'd drink Mandheling whenever it was available: rich and earthy, "a true coffee lover's coffee" always somewhere in the description. The Cafe (RIP?) had it for their french roast, which is one of the reasons I frequented there even before they hired me.

The Dolok Sanggul is the kind of coffee that makes me wish I had a better refined palate, so's I could explain exactly why I like it so much. Possibly it's the classic Sumatran qualities in a purer form, plus the unexpected brightness. As it is all I can do is take a sip, roll it around, smile, swallow, and say "DAMN that's good!" to anyone there to listen (the table, the newspaper, the cat...)

Filing this one with the Red Mountain on my raindrops on roses list...

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