Sunday, September 17, 2006
In these troubled times -- times of freakishly transgendered bass (caused either by pollution or by sexual-identity confusion after the coming-out of their Fish Emperor Lance) and terrifyingly huge yellowjacket nests -- a voice cries out for a beacon of sanity. The public demands the resurrection of the 'Bblog! And I have nearly a year's worth of insanity stored up for you this time, plus all kinds of randomly redredged memories. I might even finally get around to posting all those back entries from that other 'blog I used to have, except that in the cold light of now I don't really think the minute retelling of my idiotic and (thank Kali) long-past counter crush is really the most effective use of my time, nor of yours to read it.

With a full on year of backstory and new stuff happening, this could be like the first season of Veronica Mars, except without the unsolved murder or anything else cohesive and compelling. Or maybe like DC comics these days, only without reality crises... or anything else cohesive and compelling (and certainly no dependably cool Martian Manhunter going tediously 'badass' on us.)

I did get my bike stoled.

I've said it before, but THIS time I'll REALLY try to post more regularly, what with (more backstory fun!) me now being unemployed... I'll try for the sake of my extra-loyal readers who have stuck with me through a full year of silence (not to mention that terrible Lance Bass joke, which I suspect will summon an angry mob -- complete with torches and pitchforks -- to my front door.)

Excelsior and/or tally-ho!

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