Wednesday, August 31, 2005
There is no band (that I can track down) (at least through Google) called "The Indie Rock Darlings." And by Ganeesha there should be!

Also, I think that "Coming to Terms with the Death of the Adverb in Modern Spoken English" is a great title for a short story. Or a blog entry. As long as neither of them, of course, have anything to do with grammar. (But serioulsy... using the '-ly' suffix has been reduced to the level of affectation at this point.)

This is the kind of thing I come up with bored at work.

I am currently devouring Harry Potter 6. I think yesterday's "Get Fuzzy" was a spoiler and I kinda wish I hadn't read it. Despite this I have an unclean love for "Get Fuzzy." Coriolis effect, heehee...
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