Monday, May 30, 2005
The Rules

The other day I woke up well after noon (which is actually getting rarer and rarer for me-- another New Year's Resolution made good!) and found a Trillian screen open (Trillian is a wonderful program, but doesn't do the best job of managing here vs. away) with a friend asking if I'd "nuked" my 'blog. I actually went to check and see it was still here, which it is. The truth is lately I've not been spending much time on 'blogs. I haven't been keeping up with reading other people's, let alone thinking about updating my own.

So there's a New Year's Resolution not done so well.

The irony is that a day or two before this one-sided convo occurred I'd written an entry (which should find itself posted below shortly) and left it for later editing and posting.

But what new since then? A bit or two. The big new of late: Just when we got the schedule at work worked out (everything planned right up to the 4th of July), just when we get the new folks hired and halfway trained and it seems like everything can go back to normal (despite me having to work with the newbies, which can sometimes feel like more work than working alone) one of my coworkers starts complaining of severe stomach pain.

OK, I wasn't there for the complaints themselves. I just came in on Saturday to learn that she's in the hospital with appendicitis. And the schedule is all fuckeded upped agains!

In other newz:

1) I've been mainlining Sopranos DVDs from Netflix. I'm a little more than halfway through Season 3.

2) Today I bought 10 quarts of soy milk, a six pack of beer and several plants (pepper plant, basil, mint and catnip) and managed to get everything home over the big frikkin' hill on my bike.

3) I totally rule.

4) I also managed to hold crow pose and a halfassed headstand for about 3 seconds each. OK, I only somewhat rule. Given time and practice I will totally rule.

5) The cat thinks I rule totally. This is due to the sudden presence of fresh catnip. I will not disabuse him of this pipedream misapprehension.

6) The last time I grew catnip it was for my former housemate's cat, who is the laziest cat I've ever met.

7) My former housemate is visiting from Paris (where the cat still is). She brought us gifts of Belgian chocolate and Moroccan tea.

8) The package of tea is labeled "EXTRA GUNPOWDER" and has a picture on it of a guy who looks like he's holding a machinegun. Closer examination leads to the realization that he's actually holding a lute. But it still looks like a gun every time.

9) I will drink this tea in what I hear is the Moroccan fashion with mint from the plant I bought today.

10) The chocolate is already gone.

11) I kill mint. People say mint cannot be killed, that it is a weed. I kill mint every year and have to buy a new one every spring. This is proof of me ruling either completely or not at all. I choose to believe the former.
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