Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Bob's an Uncle

I've been even more remiss about updating this 'blog than usual. On my other little satellite 'blogs I've posted on the terror of having too many 'blogs. It seems like every website you join these days gives you a 'blog, before you know it you have seventeen of 'em. By the time I've figured out where to post something I've forgotten what to post...

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Speaking of forgetting the reason, I'll actually get to the point: My nephew William (<- N.B.: an actual name! Not first initial or anything! Living dangerously here!) was born at 4:15 PM on Sunday, three full days ahead of schedule (this is actually because the doctors decided for some obscure doctorly reason to induce labor) and weighing in at 5 lbs, 15-1/2 oz.

I'll be heading up to Maryland to see the little squirt on Wednesday, but by the time I got home from work Sunday night there was already a picture of him in my inbox (from my sister's mother-in-law). Apparently this is par for the course these days. I got to see the sis Friday night and noticed they have the ultrasound framed and sitting on a table in their den. What would Miss Manners say? (First she disses my Aunt directly, now my sister indirectly... that woman apparently has it in for my family)

Further Information Dump

  1. I'm still doing Yoga, and enjoying it immensely. I even ordered a mat from some internet Yoga megastore thingy, but there's no sign of it after more than a week. Apparently they're too busy practicing ujayyi breathing to get their asses out of shivasana and take anything to the post office. Aaaaand I realized why the receptionist/administrator/whatever at the studio looked so dang familiar (even though I didn't mention this before, because I thought nothing of it, because DC is a tiny tiny tiny little town). Turns out she's a rockstar. DC is the land of the free-range rockstar. Today she was talking about them appearing on an episode of Pancake Mountain and I got a nice giggle imagining their lead singer delivering one of his patented rant/sermons to a roomful of 5-7 year olds. Would they look more or less puzzled than his usual audience? This entry is even more oblique than usual... wow.
  2. I continue to work on grad school applications, weeks after my personal deadline has passed. This is why I do not set personal deadlines-- I never respect them.
  3. I've been downloading Fela Kuti songs and reading music 'blogs. I don't know why reading obsessive music criticism gives me a hollow vertiginous feeling... perhaps it's a form of existential nostalgia. It doesn't matter whether I was in the musical moment the writing describes or if I completely missed it, it just gives me this sense of time inevitably rushing past with little to show for itself.
  4. I'm almost finished with Augie March, but Saul Bellow finished before I did. It's a weird feeling when you look at the front page of the newspaper and see that the guy who wrote the book you're in the middle of reading has died. It makes you feel almost responsible in a weird way. I myself started to wonder what I would do if every time I read a book, it's author died when I was 100 pages from its end. Would I only read books by deceased authors? or by despicable ones? Would I sacrifice my own sanity and readerly pleasure by devouring the tomes spewed forth by the likes of Michael Savage, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh? On that note, how frightening is it that the first three names I listed are enough to make one nostalgic for the innocent days of Rush? It's like Reagan made us nostalgic for Nixon, and Dubya makes us nostalgic for Reagan.
  5. I need to start getting more Fridays off. I arrive at parties past 2AM and all that's left are roomfuls of passed out drunks and half-empty (if that) bottles. When I do, I have been invited to help DJ a party, which excites me far more than it has any right to. I've been mentally going through my music collection and downloading more weird random stuff (hence the Fela, along with cheesy old-old-oldskool hip-hop and anime theme songs) in hopes of making good on my "Offensively Eclectic" promise. Plus Homestar Runner MP3s for between the songs. It will either be glorious or horrific.

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