Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Yesterday (cripes, was it really only yesterday?) I woke up at 5:30AM and could not go back to sleep. This may or may not have been due to Sunday night, when the staff at the Cafe decided that we didn't spend enough time together off hours and decided to go out dancing. When the club we were going to turned out to be full, this turned into a staff barhop which finally ended with us getting split up, some of us at the Black Cat, others going back to the first club and finding it at last allowing entry. All of the walking around and drinking should have made me more tired, but somehow it had an opposite effect.

So, on the plus side, I had a nice relaxing morning rolling around trying to get comfortable during which time the cat came in and decided that my head looked like a good place to sleep. Then I gave up, got up, had a nice slow breakfast, managed to read the paper without vomiting it up, and got suited up to head out.

One of my goals for the new year (other than updating here more regularly, the success of which is on display below) was to start getting up before (or at least by) noon by the end of January. This goal in turn was in service of the other goal of trying out a yoga class. So Monday I hopped on my bike at around 11:30 and rode off, thinking to myself that the weather, while closer to January than it had been, showed little of the coldness of the previous night's snow flurries.

Then I got out on the street and felt the full force of the arctic gales pounding the District.

I've been colder sure, but usually with some warning... at least an opportunity to put on a sweater and cover exposed skin.

The yoga class was nice, but more of a workout than I'd been expecting. My abs still be sore, yo. And my shoulders, less so. Twice a week of that for the next few months and I'll be something vaguely approximating a STATUE OF A GREEK GOD. Plus my back will probably bother me less. I'll try to do it again... and justify the cost by reminding myself how much I save without car insurance/registration/parking tickets et al to worry about.

Then I went to the Cafe early and did some reading. Augie March is still having adventures, and his endlessly dry and cynical voice still makes me chuckle.

Then a night of work, dazed and punchy from lack of sleep. And then today off, during which I read and watched idiotbox and installed my new DVD-R/RW drive and attempted to install more memory (only to discover that the damn chip I bought doesn't fit the sockets on my damn motherboard for some damn reason, damnity damn damnedness)

As I said elsewhere, just priming the pump here, trying to remind myself that they don't all have to be revelatory and deep... or particularly entertaining.

Now I must sleep. Soon I will have to run around town and show disrespect to a (possibly, and if so unduly) respected world leader. Will probably be a long week.

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