Saturday, December 11, 2004
Wow, this has been one of the longer lulls on thishere 'bloggy job. I do have an excuse this time! About a week back the power supply on my system just decided it was sick of it all and gave up the ghost in the machine. I was able to figure out that such was the reason my computer had stopped working because I'm fly like that. It was actually a relief, because when the supp' was still struggling for life it had enough juice to start the system, but not enough to run the hard drive, which made me think the HD had bit it.

That would have sucked, and if you don't know why then I'm amazed you're even able to read this... possibly somebody printed it out for you.

But no, it was just the little metal box in the back corner with all the wires sticking out. The one with the Magnetic Fields lyrics printed on the side. I was able to replace it for US$35, hook it up myself, and on the sixth or seventh try it actually started up (some initial weirdness with the wattage or voltage or amperage or sewage or potential indifference or flux capacitor overloadage or suchlike and so on)

And so I am back. I am Christ to my Lazarus system. I also just bought a nifty new helmet to keep my brainmeats safe from homicidal motorists and am looking into getting a winter bike from Revolution Cycles, or possibly from some guy on Craigslist.

I also have a bit in the works about the crazy lady I ran into while walking the pooch a few weeks back that got sidetracked by the whole dead computer biz. Once it's done, it should go right below here.

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