Thursday, November 18, 2004
The Next Big Thing

Here is what the trash folder in my mail program currently looks like:

Re; Am I eligible for living and working in the USA?
New! Viagra soft tabs.
Replica watches
We purchase uncollected Judicial Judgments
Rolex Yachtmaster Watch
Male muscle boosting system
For Men Only - News Letter
Even you can afford a Rolex now. Come on In
Rolex is what I want you to wear.
?utf-8?q?Baseball stars wear ?=
Rolex Forever
Rolex Submariner Replica
Gift someone you love with a Rolex
Get a D$iploma without the hassle!
?utf-8?q?Mens watches?=
?utf-8?q?No Sham - Genuine Sk?=
?utf-8?q?Real magnify your me?=
Official Information To All SunTrust Bank Clients
Rolex Used Watch
Hi, how are you?
?utf-8?q?Our company think, t?=
You said once you like Rolex
Shop for Rolex here only
Italian Crafted Rolex from $75 to $275 - Free Shipping
I'm new here... are you interested?
?utf-8?q?Sweetheart wants a R?=
?utf-8?q?real men wear Rolex ?=
?utf-8?q?Identical specific -?=
?utf-8?q?New Replica Watches?=
?utf-8?q?Pliant and dissolvab?=
?utf-8?q?Savour the lifetime ?=
?utf-8?q?Pampered and soluble?=
Stronger, More Powerful Climaxes
@^she will ,adore y0u #
RE^ x@mas gifts
%,impress^ y0ur loved 0ne
Buy Regalis, also known as Superviagra or Cialis
?utf-8?q?Rolex Jokes?=
Heart - Rolex
?utf-8?q?designer replicas?=
Ramadan Time - Rolex Time
David Beckham wears Rolex
Order Rolex or other Swiss watches online
Daily News - Rolex watches online
Giftlist - Rolex Watch
Oakley Replicas
News: Wal-Mart sells these Rolex Watches
Viagra - #1 sex drug
New Product! Cialis soft tabs.
?utf-8?q?Economize 65 percent?=
?utf-8?q?Such specific - smal?=
Application is pre-approved
Be a Real Man. Rolex Watch.
Do not settle for less than a ROLEX.
Eminem wears rolex

I swear, I did not make a single one of those up. Apparently somebody out there thinks I need a new watch.

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