Sunday, October 03, 2004
So, I'm trying to hold myself to at least one entry a week... ideally two. Writing helps me sort things out, makes me feel like I'm producing something, all in all makes me happier and better adjusted. It also, for some reason, seems to dredge up self-loathing. Often when I try to write every day I become progressively more depressive until I have to give it up. That applies more to fiction writing, however, which I really take much more seriously than is strictly healthy. I need to find a way to make it fun again...

I'm also planning to dig out some older journal entries, mostly to do with things that happened over last winter, that I haven't posted here before. Maybe I'll try to clean them up a bit. They were always intended in some weird way for public display, I just never got around to putting them up. I plan to backdate them, though, so they'll actually appear as if written in real time, as in you'll have to go into the archives to read newly added entries. I'll try to alert you, my (ahem) faithful readers, when I do this... in case you want to hear the full story of my latest misplaced amorous adventures in full squidgy detail.


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