Tuesday, September 28, 2004
The rest of my most recent Insound order (aka my birthday present to myself) arrived today. I'm currently listening to the new Channels EP, and it really sounds like a much poppier mid-period Jawbox... hints of Burning Airlines flavor here and there... and the occasional hint of what J. meant when he said the band came together over a shared love of Siouxsie and the Banshees.

And a perusal of the website explains why the track I'm currently listening to doesn't really fit the above description-- we have a John Cale cover!

GAH! They're opening for Mission of Burma at the Black Cat in October! Excuse me while I have a shameless music geek moment here... ok... almost over... there. And they're opening for Hot Snakes in Cali... too bad Hot Snakes decided they're too cool to play DC this tour. So I get to decide between missing them this time 'round or figuring out how to get up to Baltimore without a car (no, the entropymobile is not sold yet, but that will come within the next few weeks... those of you who see me regularly? be sure to hold me to that statement or I'll procrastinate through 2005)

Oh, the harmonics! Robbins is still my guitar god. Him and Grubbs and Albini and Brownstien and Miller.

Hey! Interview!

In lighter news, I still have negative Game. Sunday night I was handed the ball, the field was clear, the endzone was inches away, and I choked like Dubya on a pretzel. It is now official: I will never have sex again.

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