Friday, April 16, 2004
I well realize you all came here hoping for more dreams about work or pseudo-intelligent sociological ramblings or uncomfortably personal revelations*, but instead I spent all night researching CSS and screwing around with my Blogger template. I wonder how many people truly get the joke. I wonder if my unlimited joy at increasing the title's font size and hitting PREVIEW yet again can ever be adequately expressed. Just how big can I make it? If I could set it to blink and flash different colors I would.

The ironic egomania of it all... the joke of my incredible self-absorption and ostentation to name a 'blog after myself, when I'm really quiet and self-effacing... except that my introversion manifests itself so often as complete egocentrism. I even have a Stanislavsky approach to empathy: whenever someone tells me what they're going through, I can only empathize by thinking of something similar I've experienced, then usually end up telling about them about it (I've been through something vaguely similar, I understand), thereby always turning the conversation back to myself... I wonder how many people find me an utter bore due to this?

At the same time, fear of my true inner egomaniac is probably what drives my retiring nature... Like the eternal Yin and Yang, feeding off each other, defining themselves in relation to each other, giving birth to each other... my self-loathing and my self-obsession are mirror images, twin aspects of the same inescapable solipsism!

Get it?

Plus I changed all the grey text to green. I like green.

{*Those of you who come here hoping for wry self-deprecation, on the other hand, have already been well sated)
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