Saturday, November 22, 2003
40 years ago today JFK was assassinated. I don't buy all the American Loss of Innocence jive... seems like people are proclaiming the loss of American Innocence every ten years or so. How innocent can a country that was founded on slaughter and stolen land be to begin with?

And I don't understand all the attention given to John when even a cursory look at history reveals that Robert Kennedy was a much greater man, his death a much greater loss. Everything good we remember about the Kennedy whitehouse, the moral center, the taking stands for what mattered, came from Bobby. I sometimes try to imagine what America would look like if Bobby Kennedy hadn't been assassinated (and for that matter, what my corner of DC would look like) and it breaks my heart.

5 years ago today was possibly the worst day of my life. I'd been dating a girl for seven months. Six of those had been long distance to one extent or another. I thought things were going fine... in fact I was having a hard time believing how well things were going between us. Then she dumped me out of the blue, for what seemed the lamest possible reason.

When I think Nov. 22 I'm much more likely to think about my worst dumping ever than that afternoon in Dallas. This possibly makes me a bad person.
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