Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Yeah, so there's that cute regular at my cafe I'm sure I've mentioned more than once... the one who causes strange physiological reactions in me when she walks in, like racing heartbeat and forgetting how to operate the cash register, the espresso machine, or both. Well, I'm not so cartoonish and one-dimensional a putz that I didn't eventually force myself past this and manage a brief conversation or two...

Anyway, today I wasn't sure if I started at 3 or 4, so I got there at 3 just to be sure. I was almost certain I started at 3, actually, but as it turned out I had an hour to kill. And about a half hour into it she walked right in to get a cup of tea.

So, seeing as I was doing nothing but sitting at the counter drinking my tea (threatened relapse from previous cold, or possibly a new cold) and she was doing nothing but sitting at her table drinking her tea, I took a few deep breaths and walked over... only tripping over one chair on the way, which I think was a pretty good showing.

I asked her how the job search was going-- she'd mentioned having quit a record store gig and looking for work cooking. As it turned out, she'd just recently found something. We chatted for about twenty minutes until I had to start my shift. Small talk, sure, but the more I learn the more intriguing she becomes. And those eyes don't hurt matters either...
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