Monday, October 06, 2003
Like Kevin Smith's Character in All His Movies...

Well, I haven't been posting much at all. For this I should be tied up and berated or something equally silly and inconvenient. What have I been up to?

I'm ever so glad you asked!

I've been sick on and off for the last three weeks or so. Got a cold in my head, thought I had gotten rid of it, then it came back in my throat. It's low level but annoying. I'm coughing too much and hate it.

I can't stop listening to the Retisonic EP. It's Jason Farrell of DC's late great Bluetip along with one of said band's former drummers. The whole thing is six songs, and some are merely good or OK, but "Filthy Way to Lose Yourself" is honestly nothing short of three minutes and fifty-nine seconds of post-hardcore perfection. It's followed immediately by "Take Your Gun and Hide," which features possibly the most transcendently melodic vocals Farrell has ever set down to wax, tape or aluminum. I keep listening to the EP, then going back to track three. Still not sick of them.

(Side note: Wow, this guy really needed to do a bit more research)

Still haven't bought myself a bike, due to my abovementioned cold. I'll probably go to Georgetown today for my monthly comics run, and if I'm feeling up to it (and get there in time) I might do a testride or two. I did buy myself a Harmonic Percolator clone for my birthday, and it made me realize nothing more than that I really need to upgrade to a tube amp. After an impossibly geeky conversation at the Red Room, shouted over the general din and a couple of drinks, I'm thinking of testing out Marshall (makers of my current amp) vs Mesa Boogie. This will probably wait a few months, or at least until I've gotten the work done on my car (sideview mirror held on with electrical tape and all) and assessed the state of my bank account. Tax refunds and birthday checks go only so far...

So it looks like Blogger now lets you backdate entries! Maybe this will get me finally to finish all those half-written entries that seem too untimely to bother putting up. It also means you, the faithful reader not long since disgusted by my lax updating habits, will have to search through stale old entries for the shiny new ones!

You must hate me already.
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