Sunday, October 26, 2003
I'm a bit dronkie at the moment, so please to be excusing any and all typos...

After work, my coworker and I went over to the Red Room and ran into a few friends there. One of these friends is someone on whom coworker has a bit of a crush.

The regular bar was very crowded, so we went to the bar in the backstage area, which happened to be manned by a Cafe regular, who only charged me $2 for my gin and tonic. And I believe I actually pulled a genuine double take, because The Girl was there as well. First time I've ever seen her when I wasn't at work. So I said hi, found out it was her birthday. She was just leaving because she'd been out all day and all night celebrating. If I'd had a bit more to drink I would've given her a birthday hug... But as I was just getting started, I only wished her a very happy birthday and thought to kick myself later.

Then I ran into my friend who kept buying shots-- the reason I'm more than just a bit dronkie right now.

Working tomorrow, should pass out now.

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