Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Finished my Vonnegut book, started on Lieber's "Swords Against Deviltry" so I'd have something compact for the bus...

Rode the bus out to Georgetown once again. Got there much later than I'd planned to, and suddenly about to pass out. I wandered to all the locations of known Georgetown coffee shops and discovered that they were ALL closed but Starbucks! Even the little hole in the wall place that was four feet wide and barely had room for an espresso machine... that place ruled!

But I got to ride a Marin Larkspur, and it was pretty nice. Didn't have time to try out the Giant Cypress or the Specialized Crossroads, so I have nothing to compare it to... plus I hadn't ridden in like three years, and even three years ago I was pretty much a beginner. So I was humiliating myself in public trying it out... spent more time remembering how to ride than getting a feel for the bike itself.

I think maybe I should rent a bike for an afternoon, take it somewhere secluded, and get used to riding again before I do any more test-rides. Might be the prudent thing to do...
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