Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Is it another flurry of posts? It could well be. My cyclical writing pattern has entered, it would seem, a manic swing.

We briefly had a fill-in hire at the Cafe. Friend of the manager's girlfriend, possibly an ex... an ex of someone, at least... never did figure that all out. But what matters: she was the biggest flirt I've ever seen employed there. We were all in awe. She took pity on my poor no-game-having self and gave me a few pointers.

These pointers were only of use when I was working with her, for some reason. I told her she was my magic feather, and then had to explain the plot of Dumbo. Who doesn't know what a Magic Feather is?

But I finally managed an actual conversation with the aforementioned IQ buster. It turns out she works at a record store in DuPont Circle... and suddenly it all makes sense-- she's Record Store Girl! Even though I've never seen her behind the counter, she still has Record Store Girl powers. But then something else became clear:

Record Store Girl

Coffee Shop Guy

I have a chance here!

I'll stop being silly now, I promise. Read about bicycles.
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