Thursday, July 17, 2003

A few days ago I had some kind of manic episode. I couldn't do anything, because every time I started one thing I'd remember something else I needed to do. I had all these ideas, but no time to set any one of them down at any meaningful length. I couldn't even sleep, my body exhausted from work but my mind racing. I ended up reading various message boards and practicing guitar until dawn, deciding to just stay up, then promptly falling asleep until 4 PM.

The fruits of this madness sit on my Windows desktop-- four or five new .txt files ranging from half-finished to merely a title. And now I'm just too lazy to sit down and finish them. This is why I'll never actually be a writer. Whatever doubts haunt me, deep down I do believe that I have the necessary talent to make some kind of living off my writing... but I completely lack the necessary temperament. The confidence. The work ethic.

I can barely even keep a 'blog updated.

Anybody who has my email address or my AIM name or my phone number needs to start bugging me about getting my posts up, K?
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