Wednesday, June 25, 2003
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Sleeping far too late recently... didn't get up until almost 4 today.

Went grocery shopping. Went to Fresh Fields because the Giant no longer carries Cayenne Pepper (WTF!?) and we're almost out. Spent too much, paid in cash.

The last time I used my credit card was at the used book store in Bethesda. M., her housemate, Snarkout, Redfox and I went to the theater there to see "The Whale Rider," only to find the early show sold out. We got tickets for the later show and went to a tapas restaurant. We sat right by the front and I could NOT for the life of me stop ogling the very pretty blonde hostess. The food was almost but not quite goof enough to distract me. I think my boorishness went unnoticed by all involved but me. As is generally the case with that group, conversation was interesting... I only remember it being interesting, however. All other specifics are obliterated by memories of a tight, knee-length skirt.

Snarkout and Redfox did not have enough cash to pay for dinner, so I floated them a loan from the massive wad of cash I've taken to carrying around since all my money comes from a tip jar. So I had no cash to pay for the three ratty paperbacks and two LPs I got for myself.

The paperbacks were Vonnegut's "Mother Night" (I cannot go into a used bookstore without picking up something of Kurt's), Woody Allen's "Without Feathers" and Brecht's "Caucasian chalk Circle," which caused Snarkout and Redfox to remark that my selections made me out as an intellectual of the previous generation. On further thought, I realized that such to my mind is the entire point of used bookstores. My musical purchases also bore this out: a Blue Note release by the Horace Silver Quintet and a recording by Freddie Hubbard and Curtis Fuller. Possibly it's the wonderful smell of all the old books that puts me in a retro mindset.

In more recent retro, M. got herself a Seven Year Bitch poster which she thought remarkable for having a photo of Paul Westerberg's S.O., but which I found remarkable for being drawn by Jaime Hernandez.

After the movie M. and I headed to the 'Farm and played Settlers of Catan until shortly before 3 in the morning. I got my butt kicked and found the game rather dull... two possibly connected things.

Yesterday was my first Ft. Reno show of the Summer-- Bob Mould doing an acoustic set. I never listened to much Husker Du, so all I recognized were "Hoover Dam" and "Your Favorite Thing." Ran into my old housemate there and learned he's now working as a bouncer at the 9:30 Club. Also met Cheech there, who gave me a burned copy of an early Yo La Tengo CD. Trying to play it last night revealed that my system was once more refusing to acknowledge the existence of its CD drives.

I've been working on that, the random lockups, and the random intermittent refusal to recognize a valid network connection for most of today. I've tracked some of it down and pinned it on some extraneous Creative software (I have Creative brand sound card, modem and webcam) which I now can't figure out how to uninstall. Blastation.

In other news, my dad ended up back in the hospital briefly after he passed out one morning last week. After running a battery of tests for stroke and heart problems, the doctors determined that the problem had been mere dehydration. We are all quite relieved. Also a relief is that x-rays revealed that the tumble involved in the passing out didn't knock loose any of the new hardware from his neck surgery.
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