Monday, May 19, 2003
Well, you asked for it (three or four of you at least) so here it is: a 'Blog by some guy you've never heard of. I will not be taking this opportunity to do a selection from my off-Broadway show "Hitler Sings," nor will I continue to confuse some of you with an endless stream of Mr. Show references. I've basically started this 'blog for two reasons:

First, I'm not all that great at keeping in touch with my friends, so this might be a way to keep farflung folks up on my exploits.

Second, I tend to be a very private person in person (with family and friends) but I've learned I can be immensely confessional when writing for a massive anonymous audience. This 'blog will create in my mind the fiction of a massive anonymous audience so that the five or six of you can find out what's actually happening in my life and in my skull.

Those of you looking for more substance or background might be able to find it in my embarrassing old website, Th'BobWeb, that is unless Earthlink finally realized I don't give them any money any more and took the damn thing down at long last.
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